Get into the best shape of your life and lose weight during the holidays!
With our "Holiday Body Transformation Challenge" in Wenatchee
What if there is a program where you could stay jolly over the holiday season and set yourself up for success when those 2019 New Year’s resolutions come along?
If they can get these amazing results, what can you achieve with this program?
How these transformations work.

Specialized Training

Our fast-paced 45 min workouts are designed to boost your metabolism and get you looking great during the holidays and after. Best part? We crank the tunes and switch up every workout so you’ll forget you’re at the gym. Just high fives, burned calories and a good time.

Free weekly weigh ins & body composition analysis 

Your progress will be tracked weekly via before/after photos, weigh-ins, and body fat percentage to keep you on track.

FUN group training 

This program is all about getting you the body you’ve wanted all year long while losing weight durng the holidays. You’ll be with a small group of awesome, like minded people taken through custom workouts designed to help you melt fat, tone up, and gain results fast. 

An EASY to follow meal plan

After meeting with our Coaching Team, we’ll custom design an easy-to-follow, delicious nutrition plan just for you without having to say adios to the holiday treats you love. 

Support, relational accountability & motivation

We're all about helping you win. Not only will you have us when you're in the gym working out, but you'll also be able to contact your personal accountability coach whenever you need help, tips, advice, or just someone to give you some extra encouragement. 

Opportunity to get $100 rebate! 

Meet the goals we set together and earn a $100 rebate!
We are in Wenatchee.
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